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Hitomi Tanaka
Hitomi Tanaka
Also known as: Hitomi
Born: July 18, 1986 (age 28)[1]
Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan
Years active: 2007—present
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: Japanese
Measurements: 46-24-34 (116-60-86 cm) [2]
Bra/cup size: 32K (70K) (same as JJ cup)[3] UK size
32N (70N) US size
32O (70O) Japan/EU size
Boobs: Natural
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Weight: 47 kg (103 lb)[4]
Body type: Slim
Eye color: Brown
Hair: Brown, Brown
Underarm hair: Shaved
Pubic hair: Trimmed
(Shaved during SOD period)
Blood group: AB
Shown: Topless, Bush, Full frontal, Pink
Solo: Masturbation
Lesbian: Softcore, Dildo
Boy/girl: Blowjob, Vaginal
Special: Bondage, Bukkake
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Hitomi Tanaka (田中瞳 – Tanaka Hitomi), also known as simply Hitomi, born July 18, 1986, is a Japanese AV idol and gravure idol.
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[edit]Life and career

Tanaka was born in Kumamoto Prefecture, Japan on July 18, 1986.[5] She debuted as a clothed model in 2007 and appeared in her debut “gravure” (non-nude) video, Hitomi Tanaka Bakunyuu J no Shogeki, in November 2007.[6] As a gravure idol, she was compared to an earlier “big-bust” gravure model, Harumi Nemoto.[7]
She has also worked in the softcore movie field, appearing in two V-Cinema works, Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.1 and its sequel Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.2, both released in September 2008.[8][9]
[edit]AV career
She started her hardcore career as Hitomi in November, 2008 with the video Celebrity Shock AV Debut (芸能人 Hitomi 衝撃のAVデビュー) for the Soft On Demand studio.[10] Her debut videos for SOD were popular enough to elevate her to the #6 ranking in sales for all actresses from the DMM website for the last half of 2008.[11] She continued to be one of the top ranked actresses at DMM in 2009, ranking #27 for the first half of the year[12] and #42 for the full year.[13]
She made several more videos for SOD in 2008 and 2009 and in August 2009, the company released Hitomi Premium Collection 8 Hours which included material from all of her previous solo videos.[14]
In August 2009, Tanaka began working with a new company, Arashi-Supergirl, part of the large Hokuto Corporation group of companies.[15] In early 2010, she was making videos with two other Hokuto companies, Oppai and Moodyz. She has recently posed for Score Magazine for soft core images. She also did a few videos for Score, and for that reason she had to learn some English.
Hitomi recently confirmed on her Instagram account that she will work harder on her English.
Through her Twitter and Instagram posts, fans can clearly see Hitomi is into soccer and roots for her national team.
On 14th November 2014, Hitomi confirmed on her instaGram account that her bra size was 32JJ. [16]
In 2015 she made history becoming the only woman to win Score Model of the Year twice
[edit] Partial filmography

[edit] Image video
↓ Title ↓ Released ↓ Company ↓ Director ↓ Starring ↓ Notes ↓
CHD-027.jpg Premium Cutie – Hitomi Tanaka 2008-05-08 C&H
(CHD-027) Hitomi Tanaka non-nudity
CHD-029.jpg Premium Cutie – Hitomi Tanaka & Yuri Himegami 2008-08-07 C&H
(CHD-029) Hitomi Tanaka
Yuri Himegami non-nudity
CHD-030.jpg Premium Cutie – Hitomi Tanaka 2 2008-09-04 C&H
(CHD-030) Hitomi Tanaka non-nudity
CHNS-003.jpg Bakunyu J no Shougeki
爆乳Jの衝撃 2007-11-08 C&H
(CHNS-003) Hitomi Tanaka non-nudity
CHNS-004.jpg Gokunyu J no Waisetsu
極乳Jの猥褻 2008-01-05 C&H
(CHNS-004) Hitomi Tanaka non-nudity
REBD-003.jpg Hitomi J-Cup Miracle
Hitomi 奇跡のJカップ 2009-05-14 REbecca
(REBD-003) Hitomi Tanaka Softcore
[edit] V-Cinema
↓ Title ↓ Released ↓ Company ↓ Director ↓ Starring ↓ Notes ↓
ZARD-65.jpg Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.1
爆乳戦隊ファイバスター (前編) 2008-09-12 Zen Pictures
(ZARD-65) Hitomi Tanaka V-Cinema
ZARD-66.jpg Bakunyu Sentai Fiber Star Part.2
爆乳戦隊ファイバスター (後編) 2008-09-28 Zen Pictures
(ZARD-66) Hitomi Tanaka V-Cinema
[edit] AV
↓ Title ↓ Released ↓ Company ↓ Director ↓ Starring ↓ Notes ↓
STAR-128.jpg Hitomi AV Debut
衝撃のAVデビュー 2008-11-06 SOD
(STAR-128) Hitomi Tanaka AV debut
STAR-134.jpg Hitomi First Sex Under Blue Skies
Hitomi 青空の下でセックス初露出 2008-12-18 SOD
(STAR-134) Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-139.jpg To the Point of Incontinence
失禁するほど… 2009-01-22 SOD
(STAR-139) Hitomi Tanaka m-Vision
STAR-142.jpg First and Last Random Intersection 4 Hours
最初で最後の大乱交4時間SP 2008-12-04 SOD
(STAR-142) Hitomi Tanaka
Sasa Handa
Azusa Itagaki
Non Yazawa
STAR-148.jpg Super High Class Soap Lady
超高級ソープ嬢 2009-02-19 SOD
(STAR-148) Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-153.jpg Extremely Perverted Hell
激痴漢地獄 2009-03-19 SOD
(STAR-153) Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-159.jpg First Nakadashi Angel
初 中出し天国 2009-04-18 SOD
(STAR-159) Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-165.jpg Tokyo Exposure Sex
東京露出セックス 2009-05-21 SOD
(STAR-165) Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-171.jpg Indecent Lady
淫女 2009-06-18 SOD
(STAR-171) Hitomi Tanaka
STAR-177.jpg Super Ecstasy Splash Shower
激イキ激吹きポルチオ 2009-07-23 SOD
(STAR-177) Hitomi Tanaka
ARS-020.jpg Super J
電撃移籍! Super J 2009-08-13
2009-09-01 (Blu-ray) Arashi-Supergirl
(ARS-020) Hitomi Tanaka 9ARS-020 (Blu-ray)
ARS-024.jpg Private Teacher
プライベートティーチャー ~ 先生はJcup芸能人 2009-09-13 Arashi-Supergirl
(ARS-024) Hitomi Tanaka
ARS-027.jpg Temptation of Bursting Tits Young Wife
爆乳若奥様の誘惑 2009-10-13 Arashi-Supergirl
(ARS-027) Hitomi Tanaka
ARS-030.jpg Sperm-Loving Big Breasts Nursery School Worker
精子大好きボイン保母さん 2009-11-13 Arashi-Supergirl
(ARS-030) Hitomi Tanaka
ARS-032.jpg Bursting Breasts Titty-Fucking Special
爆乳パイズリSPECIAL 2009-12-13 Arashi-Supergirl
(ARS-032) Hitomi Tanaka
SGB-004.jpg Hitomi SUPER BEST 8 Hours
Hitomi SUPER BEST 8時間 2010-04-01 Arashi-Supergirl
(SGB-004) Hitomi Tanaka Compilation of scenes from her previous Arashi-Supergirl videos
MIBD-519.jpg Hitomi 8 Hours
Hitomi 乳盛り8時間 2010-10-13 Moodyz Best
(MIBD-519) Hitomi Tanaka Compilation of scenes from her previous Moodyz videos
MIDD-599.jpg J-Cup Super Bursting Tits Body Super Super Super Titty-Fucking SP
Jカップ超爆乳ボディー 激激激パイズリSP 2010-03-01 Moodyz Diva
(MIDD-599) Hitomi Tanaka
MIDD-610.jpg Teacher with Huge Braless Breasts
ノーブラ爆乳先生の胸チラ授業 2010-04-01 Moodyz Diva
(MIDD-610) Hitomi Tanaka
MIDD-648.jpg Big Breasts Tear’em Down
爆乳がチギれるまで嬲り倒せ 2010-07-01 Moodyz Diva
(MIDD-648) Hitomi Tanaka
MIDD-738.jpg Let Me Sharpen You Up
チ●ポを鍛える励ましパイズリセックス 2011-02-13 Moodyz Diva
(MIDD-738) Hitomi Tanaka
MIDD-751.jpg J-Cup Big Tits Temporary Staff
無防備な乳房の誘惑 ~派遣社員はJカップ~ 2011-03-13 Moodyz Diva
(MIDD-751) Hitomi Tanaka
MIGD-325.jpg Jcup Nakadashi
真性中出し 2010-05-01 Moodyz Gati
(MIGD-325) Hitomi Tanaka
MIGD-331.jpg Dream Woman vol.78
ドリームウーマン vol.78 2010-06-01 Moodyz Gati
(MIGD-331) Hitomi Tanaka
MIGD-347.jpg -Bukkake Nakadashi Fuck
ぶっかけ中出しパイパンイラマチオFUCK 2010-08-01 Moodyz Gati
(MIGD-347) Hitomi Tanaka
DASD-132.jpg Semen 500 Times Consecutively Initiation
ザーメン500連発の洗礼 2010-12-25 DAS
(DASD-132) Hitomi Tanaka
RKI-106.jpg Sex of the Man Who Has the Biggest Penis in the World
世界で一番大きなチンポを持つ男のSEX 2011-01-19 Rookie
(RKI-106) Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-082.jpg Hitomi x Tits x 4 Hours: Special Collaboration- J-Shock & Oppai
Hitomi×OPPAI×4時間 ―Jの衝撃とOPPAIのスペシャルコラボレーション― 2010-01-19 Oppai label
(PPPD-082) Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-107.jpg Hitomi 97 cm J-Cup Tits Fuck Special
Hitomiの97cmJcupパイズリSpecial 2010-09-19 Oppai label
(PPPD-107) Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-112.jpg 97 cm J-Cup Huge Breasts Kindly Nurse
97cm&Jcupの爆乳ナースが優し~くチンポを犯す 2010-10-19 Oppai label
(PPPD-112) Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-115.jpg Busty Home Visit Fan Sex
OPPAI女優Hitomiが巨乳マニアの自宅訪問 ~ファンのコンプレックスを気持ちよく解決~ 2010-11-19 Oppai label
(PPPD-115) Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-131.jpg 3D OPPAI 2011-04-19 Oppai label
(PPPD-131) Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-137.jpg Clothes Wearing Fetish
着たままの爆乳 2011-05-19 Oppai label
(PPPD-137) Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-143.jpg Exposure Outdoor Sex on The Beach
露出で乳イカせ 2011-06-19 Oppai label
(PPPD-143) Hitomi Tanaka
PPPD-148.jpg Gentle lesson in cum Busty Female Teacher
爆乳女教師の優しく中出し授業 2011-07-19 Oppai label
(PPPD-148) Hitomi Tanaka
JUFD-162.jpg My Pet is a Female Instructor With a Big Bust
(Boku no petto wa bakunyū insutorakutā) 2011-08-01 Fitch
(JUFD-162) Tairyo Hata Hitomi Tanaka My Pet is a… series
JUC-611.jpg Mrs. Jogging 3
ジョギング・ミセス 3
(Jogingu misesu 3) 2011-08-25 Madonna
(JUC-611) Kawaguchi Kitorune Hitomi Tanaka Mrs. Sports series
JUC-630.jpg Wife’s Younger Sister
(Tsuma no imōto) 2011-09-25 Madonna
(JUC-630) [Jo]Style Hitomi Tanaka Wife’s Younger Sister series
JUSD-381.jpg 20 Mature Women With Excellent Glamorous Ripe Body 2
絶品グラマラス熟ボディ20人8時間 2
(Zeppin guramarasu juku bodi 20-ri 8-jikan 2) 2011-12-12 Madonna
(JUSD-381) Neiro Suzuka
Haruka Sanada
Momoka Nishina
Yumi Kazama
Rio Hamasaki
more 15 actress
MIDD-911.jpg Orgasm Sex That Will Not Stop Despite 10 Ejaculations in 1 Day
(1-Nichi 10-kai shasei shite mo tomaranai ōgazumu SEX) 2012-10-13 Moodyz
(MIDD-911) TAKE-D Hitomi Tanaka Orgasm Sex That Will Not Stop Despite 10 Ejaculations in 1 Day series
MIDE-038.jpg Lady Who Straddles and Talks Dirty
(Matagari Ingo Onēsan) 2013-11-13 Moodyz
(MIDE-038) Cobo Hitomi Tanaka Lady Who Straddles and Talks Dirty series


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