Because at least four of you read these. 

On the inside, I feel absolutely awful. 
But on the outside, I’m doing alright. 

I started yet another journal and I’ve been writing in it for about 12 or so days. I don’t do much so my entries are short, but I’m trying to make it a habit. 
I increased the amount of weights I lift slightly. If I went to bodybuildingforums, they’d all laugh at me, but I’m making some progress.  

I’m plagued by repeat headaches and muscle pain and taking multiple aspirin a day is bad for you because it makes your insides bleed somehow. 

I haven’t had any weed in a little over a week because I can’t afford it. I can’t say if I feel better or worse without it but it did make the physical pains go away. Also, nothing like smoking a blunt after a good workout. 

In a few days, the building will be ready and I can start doing hair properly. I went to the intersection in my little hillbilly town and handed out a few business cards. I have a mild speech impediment and that makes it a little hard to talk to people (doesn’t help that I probably have some sort of autism too).  I used to be a salesman for a cable company; if I can convince people to fuck up their monthly budget by switching cable services, I can convince someone to get a haircut. I just have to practice my pitch and channel my inner Saul Goodman.