Rough Month Video Sale!

2 for $15 video sale!

Video options:

Angry Housewife JOI: I’m your wife and I’m not happy, I insult you and tell you how to jerk off.

Blowjob: Ends in a facial

Casual Masturbation: 20 min video of me masturbating, lots of moaning/giggling

Double Trouble: I bring myself to orgasm with my vibrator and my glass dildo.

Dress Up- I put on different outfits, lots of talking

Feed Me: My first eating video! I eat a burger, salad, and milkshake in lingerie. I also have terrible manners!

Foot fetish Masturbation- Masturbating in positions that show my feet

Fuck You, You’re Garbage: Your dick is gross, you’re ugly, and you’re broke. I insult you while clothed for 9 minutes.

Hipster Masturbation: a naked hipster girl can’t hear how loud she’s being with headphones on. I jerk when the wand brings me to orgasam.

Masturbation Daddy bed- I’m very submissive, anal plug, and I call you daddy

Masturbation Daddy tub- very submissive, I call you daddy, anal plug, and I’m in the tub

POV Blowjob: Blowjob from your point of view. Features attempted deepthroating, gagging, giggles, lots of smiling, and I swallow (but you still get to see a bit of cum)

School Girl JOI: I’m your student sending you a video showing you how I’d suck you off. Ends with orgasm denial.

Sex: A quick video of me riding my man, also comes with photos

Sexening 2: My man and I do it! Shot from above so there’s some man cheeks…but he cums on my back!

Shower: Me scrubbing up and playing with my self in the shower.

Speed Masturbation: I need to hurry up and get off before work. Features nipple play and vibrator riding.

Struggling Hipster: My feet are blistered from walking around in Toms, I have cheap beer, my iPad tries to die halfway through, and I cannot fit my glass dildo in…the struggles. But I get off with my wand and you get so many positions as I try to get off.

Sweater Weather: It’s cold…but that’s nothing some slipper socks, a sweater, my vibrator, and a hot cup of coffee against my pussy can’t fix!

Payment: payments via Circle Pay or Amazon Gift card. DO NOT put video choice in payment memos, send me an ask message (my chat doesn’t work) or shoot me an email!