Video Sale!

Now until Monday my videos are 2 for $10 and if you Pay via Circle Pay you get a surprise photo album! Do NOT put your video choices in the payment memo, send me an email (my chat does not work on this site so don’t try me there)

Video Choices:

Angry Housewife JOI: I’m your wife and I’m not happy, I insult you and tell you how to jerk off.

Blowjob: Ends in a facial

Casual Masturbation: 20 min video of me masturbating, lots of moaning/giggling

Double Trouble: I bring myself to orgasm with my vibrator and my glass dildo.

Dress Up- I put on different outfits, lots of talking

Feed Me: My first eating video! I eat a burger, salad, and milkshake in lingerie. I also have terrible manners!

Foot fetish Masturbation- Masturbating in positions that show my feet

Fuck You, You’re Garbage: Your dick is gross, you’re ugly, and you’re broke. I insult you while clothed for 9 minutes.

Hipster Masturbation: a naked hipster girl can’t hear how loud she’s being with headphones on. I jerk when the wand brings me to orgasam.

Masturbation Daddy bed- I’m very submissive, anal plug, and I call you daddy

Masturbation Daddy tub- very submissive, I call you daddy, anal plug, and I’m in the tub

POV Blowjob: Blowjob from your point of view. Features attempted deepthroating, gagging, giggles, lots of smiling, and I swallow (but you still get to see a bit of cum)

Punk Rock Girlfriend: Decked in a spiked bra, leather shorts, a collar, and black lipstick. Watch this bad ass masturbate with a wand

School Girl JOI: I’m your student sending you a video showing you how I’d suck you off. Ends with orgasm denial.

Sex: A quick video of me riding my man, also comes with photos

Sexening 2: My man and I do it! Shot from above so there’s some man cheeks…but he cums on my back!

Shower: Me scrubbing up and playing with my self in the shower.

Speed Masturbation: I need to hurry up and get off before work. Features nipple play and vibrator riding.

Struggling Hipster: My feet are blistered from walking around in Toms, I have cheap beer, my iPad tries to die halfway through, and I cannot fit my glass dildo in…the struggles. But I get off with my wand and you get so many positions as I try to get off.

Sweater Weather: It’s cold…but that’s nothing some slipper socks, a sweater, my vibrator, and a hot cup of coffee against my pussy can’t fix!

Violet Masturbation: Freshly dyed purple hair, purple lingerie, purple harness, and my new purple vibrator!

Wake and Vibrate: Wakes you up faster than coffee! I wake up and masturbate with my wand and hand.

Payment: payments via Circle Pay or Amazon Gift card